Welcome to the Selenium blog of Polteq. Selenium WebDriver is an open source browser automation (test) tool suite. Which enables you to run your tests against many browsers and operating systems. Another advantage is that you can write your tests in the programming language you prefer.

We are pleased to supply a lot of information and a dozen of free hands-on tutorials. All the available tutorials are surrounded with screenshots and downloadable code samples. This blog is created and will be maintained by Roy de Kleijn. Roy is a Technical Test Consultant at Polteq and has many years of experience in automated testing. He is particularly interested in web technology and new programming languages. He is always trying to find a way to transfer knowledge to colleagues who are interested in the automated testing of software.

A variety of topics will be covered on this blog. Starting with recording tests with Selenium IDE and locating web elements and furthermore the use of design patterns and performance measurement to create a robust testing framework.

This blog allows you to ask questions and Roy will try to give a suitable answer.

Polteq also provides Selenium trainings. They can be hold in our office or on-site.

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